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About Us

Awake and Movin'.

We start our days at different hours; morning, afternoon, night, and even "afterhours". As an artist and a night owl, I have met many different people from many walks of life. From blue collar to white collar, hustlers to musicians, service industry workers to the self-employed--I have made friends and colleagues with a variety of individuals. My artwork reflects my own life including these people i have met. Creating clothing to share with my fellow hard-workers was a natural step forward after participating and attending so many shows with them.

The designs of Awake and Movin' are a direct reflection of these relationships, which are both working and social. When we start our days (or nights) we look for that article of clothing that can represent us an individual. You will discover that applying something from Awake and Movin’ to your wardrobe will prove to stand you out from the crowd as the art is all original and stems from the mind of someone who understands your grind, your lifestyle.

AAM Clothing is perfect for work, a night out, a day at the beach, or even to wear to family gatherings. At the retail counter, behind the desk, BBQs, poolside, an art opening, a live music event—you get the idea. When you wake up—be it 6am or 6pm—get movin’ in something that will not only catch the eyes of others, but will make you feel good as well.

Stay Grindin’,

BLUE 731

Founder of Awake and Movin’ Clothing