Awake & Moving

About Awake & Moving

Awake & Moving is a collection of mixed media art conveyed through the vehicle of tangible print. These visual ideas embody the pursuit of passionate life experiences through nostalgia, pop culture, modern design, and travel with an active approach of taking images off your screen and placing them in your hands.

The natural and viceral feeling of art is getting lost through the constant expansion of digital communication and thr influx in speed of which we share our our creations. Take a moment to remember that art is intended to evoke emotion. Sometimes we need tangible items to remember what that FEELS like.

Awake & Moving is for all of you willing to sacrifice for your passion. To get off your lazy bones and go create something wonderful for this world . We're all waiting for you.

Stay Grinding.

Awake & Moving is expressed and produced by Blue Hernandez in Austin, TX.

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